cuLearn 2018 Scholarship

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Paying for college is difficult, especially as college costs continue to rise. cuLearn is here to help you navigate the confusing world of college finance with our educational resources.  In addition, we can help make paying for college a little easier with our 2018 Scholarship drawings.  You have the chance to win $2,018 to help cover the costs of college by subscribing to our blog. In 2018, we will be awarding 22 scholarships!  Register only once and you will be eligible for each of the 3 drawings in 2018.  Drawing dates: May 18, August 18, and November 18, 2018. 

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Earn an additional scholarship entry by submitting a blog post!*

We want you to share your experience and ideas on how to pay for college while avoiding excessive debt.  Your ideas could help others students in planning and paying for college.

Submit a qualifying original written blog post and you can earn an extra entry into the scholarship sweepstakes!  In fact, you can earn up to 5 extra entries – 1 per submitted blog post.  

Blog Post Requirements:

  • Each blog post must be sent in a separate email to
  • It has to come from the same email address you used in your initial entry
  • The email's subject line must contain the phrase "cuLearn 2018 Scholarship Entry"
  • The body of the email must contain: 
    • Your first and last name
    • Your school
    • An original essay, between approximately 250 and 500 words, containing words of wisdom on how to pay for college while avoiding excessive debt
  • Final date for submitting blog entries is November 17, 2018
  • See the Official Rules for complete requirements and for an alternative method of entry

By submitting a blog post, you agree to terms that allow cuLearn, among other things, to publish your post together with your first name, last initial, and school. See the official rules for the complete terms to which you will be agreeing.

Get Educated on Getting Educated!

cuLearn is a network of credit unions that helps you borrow responsibly for college.  Visit for tools, tips and resources on planning and paying for college!

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Recent Winners:


Anisha P.

Regis University


Joshua K.

Central Michigan University


Jessica G.

Bay Path University


Daniella A.

California State University San Marcos


Melanie T.

Carroll College


Mikaela S.

Humboldt State University